Excellent durability

The iron material is durable and scratch-resistant and can be used for many years. Appropriate care and use are the keys.

Excellent heat conduction/retention

Iron can withstand high temperatures, conducts heat well, and allows any flavoring to permeate quickly into the food.

Iron Supply

While cooking, iron ions are absorbed into the food. This helps your body efficiently supplement iron.

A la Carte

Japan Made Carbon Steel Frying Pans & Pots


The benefits of iron

About Summit

Summit Kogyo is an iron kitchenware manufacturing specialist located in Tsubame Sanjo, a famous metalworking city, in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Summit has been in business for over 70 years creating these durable products using the time-tested techniques of their metalworking craftsmen. Summit's iron pots and pans are sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

How to care iron cookware

  1. Heat up the pan
  2. Add oil to the pan and coat the entire surface
  3. Turn off heat and let sit on stove top for 3 minutes. (These 3 minutes are crucial to creating the protective oil coating)
  4. Turn on the heat again and your pan is ready to use!

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Summit Iron Beijing Wok Stir Fry Pan


Summit Iron Mini Deep Frying Pot 6.8"


Summit Iron Breakfast Shallow Fry Pan 7.9" dia


SUMMIT's Iron Pan is constructed with a thick bottom and thinner sides creating uniform heat conduction, good heat retention,   and lightweight enough for easy everyday use. This is the most balanced cookware perfect for home cooks.